Redesigning a babysitter Website for better conversion


Redesigning sitly a babysitter and child minder platform.



“Sitly is a platform built to help parent’s find capable help and care We want your kids to have the best care. It is the fastest growing platform where babysitters, nannies, and families can connect with each other.


Sitly’s current design is not in line with modern desig, while it is still the best compared to other competitors in europe a lot of it’s UI can be developed. Let us list some of the problems.


Through this design we hope to increase usability, user retention and the User experience of the users of this platform. 


Make the search result better and interactive.

The Goal

To improve the performance of the website, improve it’s current layout and make it obey user behavior rules, to improve it’s copy and use friendlier design priniciples.

Design Process or Thinking Process


Understand the problem and gather up requirement

UX research

Check other Babysitter platforms, look at their painpoints and selling points.


Information architecture,sketch flows, visual designs, prototype

Test prototype

Test to see how the platform interacts and navigates.

Benchmark analysis

I tested and navigated the following websites and tried to see which of them had a unique selling point, The aim was to compare their existing performance against others and adopt improvements that fit their overall approach to continuous improvement and culture of the sitly website.

Solving the problems.

Above the fold matters. The goal of every good platform is to sell the brand in a 3 seconds. The old sitly website had a lackluster hero section and a static picture that showed a  child. I decided to go with a more captivating approach.

The user option section was a bit bland, it was not interactive so i decided to make a few changes to the general overlook of the platform.

The illustration is not bad, but it can be improved. The aim is to show a babysitter interacting with children and having fun. 






Clickable Prototype


With the user stories developed and a better understanding of the live streaming framework the engineering team used, the design team was tasked in 4 weeks to establish an experience that would be design against the user stories created for the product.

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