Nophin Commercial real estate project

Designing Nophin Commercial Real Estate Underwriter 1st software.

Nophin is software used to automate your data entries, analyze data, and streamline underwriting to close deals faster.

And when I mean deals what It means is in the Commercial real estate industry there are not a lot of softwares that investors can used to process Trailing-12 and rent roll documents.

Rent rolls and Trailing-12 are documents commercial real estate owners input the data’s of expenses for 100 to 200 properties from January to December. The documents can be cumbersome and when done properly can be used by real estate investors to sell Assets to investors.

My Role on this project

When I joined the team the entire Idea was in another direction. The interface was looking like google’s homepage. The idea was to feed the software the data and have AI spit out operating expenses, rental income. But investors had to tell us thier process and this led me to a path where I had to design something differently.

Creating a home for every deal

A deal consists of rent rolls and trailing-12 and after I have filled and analyzed the document. It would be good for each operation to be grouped based on folders. Also the ability to access recently uploaded documents.

A page for all the deals

To view all deals a user can access them and reference old deals or setup a new deal

Joyrides or onboarding

After months of reiterations and hundred changes made based on feedback from investors and customers. We used Posthog to track how the product was used and we created a quick onboarding guide for users to learn about navigtaion.

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